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Bio-Urban Design

2013 - 2014: Research Cluster 16


Claudia Pasquero, Marco Poletto


The research cluster on Bio-Urban Design pursues a non anthropocentric understanding of the urban landscape, intended as a territory of self-organization and co-evolution of multiple dynamical systems, including ecological systems, infrastructures and technological systems, social groups and political systems.



Research Topic 1:

Dynamic Recursive Systems in a Responsive Urban Morphology with the emphasis on utilising collective intelligence whilst harnessing biomass as an universal resource in sustaining growing populations in challenging environments

2013 - 2014 : Gina Fellendorf-Perkins, Ning Jia, Guoqian Ren, Hongya Tang



Research Topic 2:

Micro  &  Macro ---Urban design based on Energy Flow concerning resource and territory differentiation in Copper Corridor, Arizona, USA


2013 - 2014 : Mingjie Fan, Shihong Sun, Nan Yang, Kaikai Zhou



Research Topic 3:

Internet of energy--We designed an infrastructure that combine technology of solar and algae to create a cybernetic system. Programmatically it will form the basis for a new kind of energy and infrastructure hosting a biotechnological hub. It can create an energy internet which producing green energy though algae and people can share it with each other. This cybernetic system could test and collect the energy from the environment and support development of urban.


2013 - 2014 : Ran Li, Jiayuan Liu, Yige Liu, Yalei Wei



Research Topic 4:

Defination of urban morphogenesis as a microclimatic dependent process based on real time self organization of living modules inspired by niger ants nest building algorithm


2013 - 2014 : Zesong Cui, Xiaoran Huang, Jinying Liu, Tengfei Xue



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